Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wood Ware For Sale-Spoons, Darning Eggs, and Bread Boards

All of the spoons are SOLD OUT

Wood Ware for Sale -Jars & Rolling Pins-October 2014

Selkie Wood Works
Wood Ware For Sale

I've decided to return to listing my items for sale here on my sales blog. Everything is categorized by the type of item for sale:

Storage Jars
These jars are a combination of recycled pickle jars and smaller jam jars. All jars are $5.00 each regardless of size.

From left to right the lids are: hickory, redwood, maple, white oak, and black walnut. SOLD OUT

These are all 8 oz jam jars. They are also $5.00 each:

The lids are:
back row left to right: pine, hickory, tigerwood
front row left to right: blue pine, tiger wood, pine

I also have a limited number of square 8 oz jars in stock. I have one with a lid (black walnut). I'll be turning lids for the others later this week. $5.00. SOLD OUT


Rolling Pins
I currently have 3 in stock-the white ash and maple pins are solid wood. The white oak and black walnut pin is laminated. All are finished with flax seed oil. $15.00 each.

left to right:
solid white ash
solid laminated white oak and black walnut.
solid rock maple